Below are some advertisements that were seen or heard during the NES era, advertising the games and other NES/game-related items to the people. See the nostalgia...

Legend of Zelda Ad (WAV)

Wisdom Tree

(Please note that the following are not NES-related. They pertain to current ads from the Wisdom Tree mailing list.)

In-Game/Manual Ads

Sometimes, companies include small, subtle ads in their games or game manuals. Here are some of these ads I've been able to collect.

Here's a subtle in-game advertisement to feast your eyes on. In the game of Tecmo Bowl (This is Tecmo Bowl, mind you, not Tecmo Super Bowl), you're greeted with an advertisement for both Rygar and Ninja Gaiden at the same time, every time the game scoreboard appears. Unfortunately, they seemed to have been unable to spell Ninja Gaiden out completely, so they just put "Ninja" there and left the rest for players to figure out themselves.

Here's one of the most blatant in-game ads of them all. After playing the second period of a hockey game on Konami's Blades of Steel, you will be introduced to either a short Panda Bear Cartoon or a short mini-game based off of Gradius. If you get the Gradius mini-game, you'll play for only a few seconds before being introduced to some very interesting advertisements that look like this.

As soon as you fire up the Three Stooges game, you'll see an intro that starts out with this picture. A quick conversation will ensue:

Curley: Hey fellas! This is the wrong game!
Larry: Hey, this looks like a kids' game!
Moe: You imbeciles! *smack*
Curley: Aww!

Considering that both the Three Stooges and the Ghostbusters 2 games were created by the same company, could this be a small, subtle advertisement? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Very interesting, no? In the middle of a boxing match, the fighter asking for help, and what advice does his coach give him? "Join the Nintendo Fun Club today! Mac." There was a Nintendo Fun Club at the time this game was "in its prime," so this is an obvious advertisement. But what an awkward time to say it!

Upon beating the game Snake Rattle 'n Roll, part of the ending will include this picture. Snakes in Space was originally planned to become the sequel to Snake Rattle 'n Roll, but as quoted from a staffer at, "...apparently the game never really sold well enough to warrant development on number two and so we went off to muck about with the Battletoads franchise instead." Oh well, that's the way it goes.

In the manual for Bubble Bobble, there is an advertisement on the very last page, just before the back cover. This advertisement included an ad for Operation Wolf, Renegade, and Sky Shark. Renegade was the only game that had already been released upon original publication of the Bubble Bobble manual.