Do We Really Want The NES Back?

by RoyalRanger

Lately, many people have been trying to start campaigns to get Nintendo to put the NES back on the market, along with re-releases of the old games. Nintendo message boards all over the web are getting more filled with topics of this nature. The We Want the NES Back Foundation even made its way to the web to get hundreds of petition signatures in an attempt to make Nintendo realize that there are still many consumers who make the NES console their top gaming priority.

To most true NES gamers, the dream of bringing the NES back to the market may seem like a great idea. Even I thought the plan was excellent when I first heard about it. Then I got to thinking, "Is it really as good as it sounds?" After contemplating the matter, I realized that what seemed like the ultimate NES dream was actually a dream that I am very much opposed to. Thus, the question is asked: "Do we really want the NES back?"

Of course, I wouldn't turn down an idea such as this without good reason to. The first thought that began to turn me away was the NES games' collectability. I buy these games mostly to play, but I also like to collect them, especially rare ones. Just like a person who likes to collect great antiques, I like to collect NES games just the same, and I do take pride in my collection. To re-release the NES games would totally ruin this, making the NES collections totally worthless to anyone who likes to collect them.

This may make you ask, "If this were to happen, shouldn't you just be happy that the games will be easier to find and there will be even more games to play?" Yes, it is true that older games would be easier to locate and newer games will be available to play, but would it all be worth it? The NES has one of largest game selections of any system, with almost 800 games. The inability to find a few cartridges doesn't amount to much when you consider all of the others you have to choose from. Plus, with that large selection, what need is there for any more games? There are other systems that don't have half as much of a variety, yet many of their players seem quite content with it.

But even more so, what are the chances that Nintendo would re-release their great system anyway? Many others have tried and failed to persuade the company to follow through on the plan. With all the new systems of this time, the majority of the gamers would laugh at the NES system, or at least just ignore it. Chances are that Nintendo wouldn't get very far in the endeavor, possibly damaging the company. In fact, if low sales pevail, the NES may become a huge laughing-stock in the gaming community. This may be something that would very much damage the reputation of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Remember, just because the system isn't manufactured anymore doesn't mean that it can't be the greatest system ever. The proof of that is in the latest retro-releases of NES games for the GameBoy and possible other systems on the market. Just like any huge fad that rises and falls, the NES has done its time. When companies stop selling used NES games altogether, that's when the time will come to make a stand against it and get our favorite system back. I have no doubt that one day, the NES will make its comeback as people start to appreciate it once again. But for now, while NES fans make up a small percent of gamers and while there are still the Ebay's and the FuncoLand's out there, there is nothing left but to accept things the way they are and enjoy it.