Super Mario Bros. 3: Lost Levels

by RoyalRanger

Nothing goes perfectly during the making of a movie. Dozens of shots and camera angles are filmed for each scene, later edited to provide the final movie with perfect transition within each and every minute of film. Many times, in fact, moviemakers recognize the insignificance of a particular scene, and those scenes are henceforth completely cut out of the film altogether.

These smart practices are no secret to the video game industry. But, as you may be thinking, these tactics aren't only used in modern video games, with their huge worlds and unbelievably complex storylines. There are classic games that have incoporated such practices as well.

Thanks to the work of some intelligent individuals, lost levels to Super Mario Bros. 3 have been uncovered. Evidently, Nintendo had completed extra Super Mario Bros. 3 levels that were cut out of the final game but not out of the final cartridge.

One such level can be played by hooking up a Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridge to a Game Genie and entering the code AOZULT. A few very interesting features of the hidden levels include an abundant appearance of Kuribo's Shoe and many treasure troves, including one mini-castle that has nothing but power-ups before you run into the castle's keeper to fight. Several of the hidden Mario levels are generally tougher than the average game level, which could have been a very likely reason that many of those levels were eliminated. Not all of the hidden levels were fully developed, either.

One cannot deny that the first and final release of Super Mario Bros. 3 was quite a well-constructucted package. It is fun to find the hidden mysteries within missing Mario levels, but perhaps the elimination of them was for the better. I'm sure it provided a better-balanced challenge, a and less-redundant or overbearing level selection overall.

This article is based, with permission, on an original article at The Warp Zone.

More photos of the Super Mario Bros. 3 lost levels are provided below: