Favorite Games

by RoyalRanger

Everyone has games that they particularly like, and I'm not excluded from this law of nature. I have my biases as well, and I'm about to present them to you with my list of the current Top 25 Favorite Games of mine. I never owned any system later than a Super NES, and I don't even have many games for that system, so the loss of any 3D games or many RPGs isn't some sort of hatred for them, it's only due to the fact that I haven't played as many games as many other gamers may have, thus why this list is limited to only the top 25 games.

#25 - #21

#25: Tetris (NES)

Tetris is a gaming legend in its own right. It not only had me and many others engrossed in its gameplay, but it also spawned many "clones" of the sort, such as Dr. Mario. But even with games like Dr. Mario, which I particularly like as well, Tetris still remains my favorite puzzle game of the type.

#24: Captain Skyhawk (NES)

Captain Skyhawk was the very first aerial shooter that I really fell in love with. It was jam-packed with varying missions and goals, all in an attempt to blow some invading aliens away from the planet. I always liked the way the isometric-3D structure of the game was assembled, and I also always liked the boss battles involving enemy bases.

#23: Paperboy (NES)

I always liked Paperboy, from the time I first played it after renting it from a video store. It's fun dodging run-away tornados and hideous humans seeming to be bent on your destruction. All while you deliver newspapers. I never knew those guys had it so hard.

#22: Spiritual Warfare (NES)

Spiritual Warfare was one of the few unlicensed NES games by the company of Wisdom Tree. Spiritual Warfare, admittedly a religious copy of the Legend of Zelda, was the one game I would rent more than all others. Each time I rented it, I would try to get closer and closer to the finish, until I bought the game, when I could finally complete the entire thing. Despite how it may look and sound, the world of Spiritual Warfare is absolutely loaded with hidden secrets, handy items, and great areas to explore. I considered it one of the best game of my collection, as well as the best Wisdom Tree game ever.

#21: Contra (NES)

I never really thought that Contra was as hard as a lot of people said it was. I had completely beaten it within a week of my purchasing it. Nevertheless, it's since been a favorite game of mine, with it's non-stop action and... a whole lotta enemies.

#20 - #16

#20: Super C (NES)

Sorry folks, it's true. I like Super C, by a small margin, better than I do Contra, and I am one of the few. The one factor that leads me to this decision is the base levels in Contra. I never really liked the base levels that much, but Super C replaces those base levels with other ares to toy with.

#19: The Incredible Machine 3 (PC)

I originally bought an earlier version of the Incredible Machine, TIM 2, for an older PC of mine, but though I liked that version of TIM, it just wasn't versatile enough to suit my tastes. Later, I had gotten TIM 3.0, and I loved it. It took many things that TIM 2 had and it upgraded them to make the game better than ever. The whole idea behind TIM is to solve various puzzles by building "machines" out of several odd items offered to you. But TIM 3 not only has its puzzles to solve, but it also has a great two-player mode and a "workbench" where you could actually build your own puzzles for others to solve!

#18: Super Mario RPG (SNES)

Super Mario RPG was the very first RPG I had bought, played, and completed, and it still holds a special place with me. The worlds were marvelous, with old recurring Mario characters you'll see, as well as some new characters that pop up. Though SMRPG is considered a beginner's RPG, it's still my favorite RPG.

#17: World Cup Soccer (NES)

I was never a fan of sports video games. Never at all. But World Cup Soccer had that special something that I absolutely loved. Maybe it was the fun gameplay, or just the funny faces all the characters made when they were tackled. Either way, this is one of the best sports games I've ever played. Period.

#16: Blaster Master (NES)

I really can't figure out what it is about this game that makes me like it so much. I've never fully beaten the game. I very rarely even play it, frightened away by the length of the game. Yet, every time I do play it, I enjoy it so immensely that I can't help but list the game among my favorites. Heck, the music alone gets to me. The first couple of levels alone are enjoyable enough to play.

#15 - #11

#15: 3D Ultra Mini-Golf (PC)

I always enjoyed a good game of mini-golf, and once I tried a demo of this game, I just had to buy the full version. The only problem I have with 3D Ultra Mini-Golf is the limit of the one set of 18 holes, with no other holes or courses availble. But still, I find myself playing this game quite often, as it makes for a great quick play. The inventive holes are quite intriguing to play through, inclduing levels that involve dinosaurs, gold mines, and the obligatory windmill.

#14: StarFox (SNES)

My cousins used to own this game, and that was how I first became aquainted with it. StarFox become one of the first games I bought for my SNES later, and I still enjoy it to this day. This working test that Nintendo ran with their then-new SuperFX chip worked superbly. And to this day, StarFox has my favorite boss battles ever.

#13: Snake Rattle N' Roll (NES)

Ah, Snake Rattle N' Roll. One of the most difficult games with one of the most difficult end bosses ever, without a doubt. Yet, the game isn't impossible, as I have fully completed it many a time. Snake Rattle N' Roll has some great gameplay, as well as great graphics and music, and that makes it a great game in my book.

#12: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)

While Super Mario Bros. 2 was never my favorite of Mario games, it was one I always really liked. The unique style of grabbing items and enemies, as well as the different overall structure of the game as compared to other Mario games, always intrigued me to a good extent. This was also one of the only games that I went through the trouble of paying $40 for when it was new.

#11: Journey to Silius (NES)

When I first had gotten this game, I didn't know what to think of it. Sure, it was kind of interesting, but it seemed incredibly difficult at first, and that kinda scared me away from it. I was soon to find out that the game is really much easier than it first looked. It wasn't long before Journey to Silius steadly rose to become one of my favorites, if not just for the music alone, considering that Journey to Silius has my favorite video game musical score of all time.

#10 - #6

#10: Super Mario World (SNES)

The first game to come out for the SNES was a success in my book. I always loved its assembly, from the neat maps and areas, to the secrets you could find, to the fact that you could actually ride Yoshi. Yeah, this game may be a little on the easy side, as most Mario games are, but I really enjoy it anyway.

#9: Bubble Bobble (NES)

Years ago, if I were to make a list of my favorite video games, Bubble Bobble would have been at the very top of that list. It was one of the only games I could really play for hours and hours at a time without even getting bored. Bubble Bobble isn't my favorite game anymore, but it still rides high on that list. I really can't begin to tell you my appreciation for this game.

#8: Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Well, this one had me hooked from the moment I layed eyes on it. What a concept, Mario characters in a kart race. With Mario Kart's great race tracks, fun 2-player options, and entertaining gameplay, how could I not put this on my list somewhere?

#7: Maniac Mansion (NES)

This is, hands down, the funniest game I have every played, and maybe it is this humor element that earns Maniac Mansion the title of Favorite Game #7. I only regret that the mansion wasn't much bigger than it actually was, but the game still had a unique element of utilizing a point-and-click engine to come up with an adventure that blows my mind with numerous possibilities and funny outcomes.

#6: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Video gaming had reached a whole new level when Super Mario Bros. 3 came out. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a phenominal game with great levels and even a fun 2-player mode. A whole bunch of new power-ups and varying worlds added to the experience, especially Mario's new and popular flying ability. I've liked this game for a long time, and I still do.

#5 - #1

#5: Donkey Kong Land 2 (GameBoy)

Donkey Kong Land 2 for the GameBoy is strikingly similar to Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES. But for some odd reason, though I had played both games, I loved this game so much more than I liked its SNES counterpart. It could just be a touch of nostalgia, considering that Donkey Kong Land 2 was the first GameBoy game I ever owned, but at any rate, I have always loved this game. I've gotten rid of my GameBoy games and system since, as I didn't really like them them very much, but this is one game I really do miss.

#4: Super Mario Bros. (NES)

By this time, I think you've seen enough to classify me as a "Mario fanboy." Many Mario games are among my favorite games, and the original Super Mario Bros. game tops the list. Despite its primitive style, this is one game that I haven't stopped playing yet, whether it be occasionally on the NES, or sometimes on one of its remakes (Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe).

#3: Kirby's Adventure (NES)

Kirby was a concept that the developers certainly didn't ruin. What a game! Kirby's ability to swallow other enemies and steal their abilities is absolutely grand. Also full of fun levels, great bonus rounds, and neat enemies and abilities, Kirby's Adventure on the NES is my favorite of all the Kirby games I've ever played. And it's one of my favorite games of all time.

#2: Mega Man 2 (NES)

Mega Man 2 wasn't the first Mega Man game I owned, and it wasn't the first Mega Man game I really liked, either. Nope, Mega Man 3 was the game that had originally gotten me hooked onto the Mega Man series. Soon afterwards, I had gotten Mega Man 2. One extremely odd thing about this game is that I actually couldn't stand it at first! I had gotten so used to the style of Mega Man 3 that I didn't find this game very good at all. After playing both games a little more, I began to like Mega Man 2 more and more, and I began to like Mega Man 3 less and less. By now, Mega Man 2 has jumped to the spot of one of my top five games of all time. Man, what a leap that was!

#1: Super Metroid (SNES)

The cream of the crop is right here. I never would have though I would have liked this game as much as I do, especially considering that I was not at all a fan of the original Metroid. Even after I played through Super Metroid once, I didn't think it anything spectacular, but once I started playing it again... and again... and again... at least three times in the span of a single week, I knew that there had to be something to this game that I had overlooked at first. This is the absolute top of my list, and it'll be very difficult to find a game that will top it for me.