Back To The Future 2 & 3

Year: 1990
Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: LJN
Players: 1

Many of you may have played Back to the Future for the NES. Many of you will probably also agree that the original BTTF game for the NES was poorly designed and executed. Many of you may not know that there was actually a sequel released to that game.

Back to the Future II & III is, what I consider, a highly underrated game. Perhaps the scare from the original game drove away people who wanted to try out this game. One of the biggest concerns is how confusing the game can seem. The lack of any included maps doesn't help much, either. But most of all, the game is set to an insane difficulty unless you really know what you're doing, and even when you do know what you're doing, the game still takes about four hours to play at minimum. A password or save feature would've been nice, but I guess you can't have everything.