Bible Adventures

Year: 1991
Developer: Wisdom Tree
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Players: 1

Why am I creating a gallery page for Bible Adventures? I have a few reasons. (1) I don't think this game has received the recognition it deserves (and I'm not saying it deserves a lot), (2) I'm a slight fan of Wisdom Tree and felt like honoring their first acheivement, and (3) the pictures were easy to take.

Bible Adventures was the first game to be created by Wisdom Tree, a small unlicensed company that spawned from Color Dreams, another unlicensed game company. BA included three separate games on its cartridge. The first game was "Noah's Ark," the most popular of the three games, where you play Noah and must collect animals to place in the ark. The second game is "Baby Moses," where you play Moses's mother trying to get her baby to safety. The last game, "David and Goliath," features David as he protects his sheep for a few levels before eventually facing the giant, Goliath.

Bible Adventures has taken the beatings of a lot of criticism, with some valid points made. Whether or not it was the original intent of the company, this game is much more suited for little kids than for anyone else, mainly because there isn't much action to be found at all. The pace of the game is too slow and subtle for the many action-loving people to take hold to this.