Bible Buffet

Year: 1993
Developer: Wisdom Tree
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Players: 1 to 4

Bible Buffet is one of the most interesting games to come forth from unlicensed game developer Wisdom Tree. In fact, Bible Buffet may very well be one of the most interesting game board/video game combos you'll ever experience. Featuring action, quizes, and lots of yummy goodies, Bible Buffet is quite a strange mix of several different gaming elements.

You can play with as many as three other players as each player travels their way around the Bible Buffet game board. Nearly every space contains a short, two-screen action level where you must collect as many delicious goodies as you can. Some of these goodies can be collected easily just by walking over them, but other goodies run around wreaking havok, leaving you to attack them with bombs or utensils to temporarily stun them long enough for you to collect them as well.

Every so-often, a player will be presented with a three-question quiz. This here is one of the most unusual parts of the game. Not because there is a quiz, but because the questions are not included on the game cartridge. Nope, Bible Buffet comes with a separate quiz book that you must refer to every time a pop quiz pops up. If you manage to correctly answer all three questions of the quiz, you get a special quiz star. Interesting, huh?

Once each player has reached the end of the road, the winner of the game is announced. No, wait. There's three winners. Players are awarded for three different accomplishments. The first accomplishment is reaching the end of the game first. The second accomplishment is being the player to collect the most food points. The last award goes to the player who has accumulated the most quiz stars.

One more feature of the game worth mentioning is the digital voices. NES games rarely include digital voices, especially unlicensed NES games. Bible Buffet isn't jam-packed with digital voices by any means, but a few phrases like "Wow!" show as a result of each turn of the game board's spinner.