Boy And His Blob, A

Year: 1989
Developer: Absolute Entertainment
Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
Players: 1

You may have already heard of David Crane. He is considered one of the best video game designers of all time, due to his mastermind in creating the #1 best-selling Atari game, Pitall. Also to his credit is the founding of the game company, Activision, which is still in business today.

Another game on David Crane's resume is A Boy and his Blob, one of the most original and unique games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Boy and his Blob is a 2D platformer, but far from a typical one. Instead of having the ability to jump platforms and such, you instead have a little blob companion that follows you around. When you feed the blob jellybeans, it will turn into a helpful item, such as a ladder or a hole, depending on which type of jellybean you feed it.