Duck Hunt

Year: 1984 (Copyright), 1985 (NES Release)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 or 2

Duck Hunt was one of the very first home games to utilize a light gun, a toy you could plug into a video game system, aim at a television screen, and simulate shooting things. Unfortunately, light gun games never progressed significantly after Duck Hunt, thereby making Duck Hunt the pinnacle of light gun game madness.

There are three game options in Duck Hunt that you can choose to play. One is the "1 DUCK" option, where you have to hunt ducks one at a time. The second option is the "2 DUCKS" option, where you could hunt ducks two at a time. The last option is the "CLAY SHOOTING" option, which has nothing to do with ducks, but you must instead shoot clay disks that quickly fly out into the distance.

Two particular features of Duck Hunt are some of the best-remembered in the game. One is the ability to play with two players, not by competing in marksmanship, but by having one player control the duck and the other player attempt to shoot the duck. But this feature isn't as nearly well-remembered as the immortal dog! This NES interpretation of "man's best friend" is an obnoxious pooch that not only laughs at you every time you miss a duck, but he even has the audacity to not die, not even flinch, every time you try to shoot him!

The dog continues to live in the memories of NES gamers everywhere.