Year: 1985
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1

Do you ever walk into an arcade and see one of those big, flashy motorcycle games with their impressive 3D graphics and a motorcyle mold that you can sit on as it jumps around when you participate in a virtual race against skilled computerized opponents? Well, let's forget about them for now and concentrate on one of the great granddaddies of the genre.

Excitebike seemed to be a very primitive game in design, even for the NES. The title screen contained a mere 5 colors with little detail at all. The playing screens follow that same pattern, with little detail, showing off mostly blocky elements and people in the audience.

But, as you should probably know, bad graphics doesn't equal bad game, right? Excitebike has a small collection of different actions you can take, including a one-person race, a race against other computer motorcyclists, and a famed design course, where you can make a motorcyle race track of your very own. The possibilities can be endless.