Flintstones 2

Year: 1993
Developer: Hanna-Barbara Productions
Publisher: Taito
Players: 1

The first Flintstones game installment must have been somehow good enough to warrant a sequel at such a late date. Fully entitled "The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak," this game is one of the harder cartridges to find.

The second Flintstones game took a lot of stuff from the first Flintstones game, such as a lot of the graphics; but they did change some things as well. In this game, you can switch between Fred and his pal, Barney, as each character has different abilites, like Barney's sling-shot weapon as opposed to Fred's club weapon. There are, of course, all new levels, and there are even a few special areas, such as the surfing level.

There is also another feature in Flintstones 2 that is unusual of many games of the genre. Flintstones 2 contains a slightly advancing plot, instead of a quickly-laid-down, get-the-job-done plot. Granted, there isn't that much plot advancement, but there are a couple little plot twists at the beginning and end of the game. But those are things you'll have to find out for yourself.