Gilligan's Island

Year: 1989
Developer: Bandai (?)
Publisher: Bandai
Players: 1

"Just sit right back and you'll here a tale. A tale of a fateful trip..." These words have flooded televisions since the debut of Gilligan's Island in 1963. Twenty-six years later, Gilligan's Island returned to television in a new form, one of a video game.

Bandai brought Gilligan's Island to the NES console in 1989, giving the public various different feelings and mixed emotions on this game. Gilligan's Island consists of a mere 4 easy levels (Episodes), each with a somewhat different scenario to face, but all leading to the necessary attempt to get off of the island.

Oddly enough, you don't play Gilligan in this game, but you instead play the Skipper, with Gilligan following you around like a faithful, albeit annoying dog. Even more strange is the total absense of Ginger from anywhere in the game. It is a known fact that the actress who played Ginger (Tina Louise) didn't like being a part of the Gilligan's Island show at all, so the best bet would be to guess that Ginger had disallowed her character to appear anywhere on the video game. But although this is very probable, it is still just a theory.