Home Alone

Year: 1991
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: THQ
Players: 1

When one of the biggest box office features is released to theaters in the early 90's, how could there not have eventually been a NES game by the same name? Despite the earlier reputation of THQ and their sloppy, put-together-in-one-day game releases, Home Alone is one game which I actually take a liking to, if ever so slightly.

The premise of the Home Alone game is one that is very unique from many other game releases. You play Kevin McCallister, a young kid accidentally left alone at home while the rest of his family is out on vacation. Two bandits, Harry and Marv, have been out to rob the McCallister household, only to have their plans hampered by troublemaking Kevin. Now the crooks are after nothing but you, and it's your job to elude them for 20 minutes until the police finally show up at your door.

Instead of a typical game in the form of an overhead adventure or a side-scrolling action game taking you all over town, the entire Home Alone game takes place in Kevin's own home... but he's not really alone! As Kevin, you must run throughout the entire house in the required amount of time, continuously setting traps that will halt the two bungling burglars for a short peroid of time to keep them from catching you. While this can provide a fun and inventive objective, Home Alone also suffers from an extremely hard challenge. Many of the traps you set will eventually disappear over time, usually leaving you with little to work with near the end of the game. Had they adjusted the rate of trap disappearance a bit, the gameplay could have been absolutely superb.