Home Alone 2

Year: 1992
Developer: Imagineering Inc.
Publisher: THQ
Players: 1

Based on a movie that generally recieved worse ratings than its predecessor, Home Alone 2 was released for the NES in a less-than-thrilling format that tried and failed to be creative. Had you not seen the movie, the little story sessions between different areas of the game may leave you still baffled as to your objective. To put it simply, a whole lotta people are after you, including the returning Marv and Harry from Home Alone, and it's up to you to get away!

You start out in the lobby of a hotel, where some of the higher-ups believe you're carrying a stolen credit card. With the entire staff of the hotel after you, you must run to floor after floor of hotel levels before making your escape outside, narrowly escaping trouble with Marv and Harry. Your next objective would be to run through the streets as rats, bats, and gang thugs continue after you before you reach a broken down building, where you'll soon be trying to figure out traps to hinder Marv and Harry, who are hiding right inside. Once outside of the buidling again, you'll have a little run through the streets trying to get away from the dangerous crooks, finally coming to a climax in a treetop with a helpful friend of yours. The entire format, with it's different stages of gameplay, is a bit of a bold move, but the poor way in which it was carried out proves ineffective in the long run.