Journey To Silius

Year: 1990
Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Players: 1

At one time, Sunsoft was working on a NES game based on the movie, Terminator 2. Unfortunately for Sunsoft, they somehow lost the license, leaving them with code to use but no permission to use it. Determined not to let their efforts go to waste, Sunsoft changed the story and the look. And from this was born Journey to Silius.

Journey to Silius flaunts some of the great graphical and musical skills of Sunsoft. Many of the ares you go through are brilliantly designed, and a lot of the musical scores are true works of genius. Perhaps one of the few things that does screw this game up is the bad control; Jay (your character) can't shoot up and is hard to control in mid-jump, therby hindering your performance in the game.