Kickle Cubicle

Year: 1990
Developer: Irem
Publisher: Irem
Players: 1

Some of the best and most creative puzzle games came about during the NES years. Kickle Cubicle is no exception. You play the game as a cute... uhhhh... creature. You have to rescue the Fantasy Kingdom by traveling through four icy lands, including Garden Land, Fruit Land, Cake Land, and Toy Land. As Kickle, you have to collect red bags on each level, and you do so by avoiding obstacles and turning enemies into blocks of ice, ready to be pushed into the water in order to create bridges between little ice islands on several stages. But not only is Kickle Cubicle souped up with the ability to freeze enemies, but he is also equipped with the ability to create little "ice poles" that can be strategically used to help you get other blocks of ice pushed in the right direction by blocking their path before they slide off the screen. If you have a hard time understanding that, don't worry. The game's puzzles may be brain-bashing, but the concept is simple enough to get the hang of in no time.