King of Kings

Year: 1991
Developer: Wisdom Tree
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Players: 1

King of Kings is one of the very first Wisdom Tree games ever made. It is also one of the only NES games to deal with a moderately Christmas-based theme. But it is also one of the lesser-known Wisdom Tree games, probably because it is generally of lesser quality than other WT titles released.

Like it's predecessor, Bible Adventures, King of Kings features three different games in one package. Only, unlike Bible Adventures, which had no real common theme between the three games, King of Kings' three games all have something to do with baby Jesus or the Nativity.

The first game on this cart is "The Wise Men," in which you must play a wise man on his camel, heading to the manger where Jesus is supposed to be born. The second game is "Flight to Egypt," where you play the donkey carrying Joseph/Mary/Baby as they travel to Egypt to escape King Herod, who is after the kid. In the third game, "Jesus and the Temple," your job is to play Joseph as you search for 12 year-old Jesus, who has been left out in a temple somewhere.