Year: 1991
Developer: Arcadia Software, Sculptured Software
Publisher: Parker Brothers
Players: 1 to 8

Monopoly is most definitely one of the most succesful board game to video game transfers ever done. Plenty of surprising elements were injected into the game to make it stand out very much.

Monopoly was one of the few games that offered options of more than two players, playable even with only one paddle. You can choose humans as opponents or a mixture of human opponents and computer opponents, up to 8 players possible. The computer players have quite a mind of their own, as they seem to be smart enough to make their own deals with players and even know when they're getting ripped off.

The technical aspects are a bonus. Chance and Treasure Chest cards are brilliantly animated for extra effect and humor. The beautiful golden playing pieces hop their way along the board with a great animated effect. The music may be lacking in areas, but digital voices bring the sound department up a few notches.