River City Ransom

Year: 1989
Developer: Technos Japan Corp.
Publisher: American Technos
Players: 1 or 2

Of all the fighting games to be released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, none are quite like River City Ransom. RCR combines a great beat-em-up system with slight RPG elements to allow for maximum enjoyment.

River City Ransom is just about as versatile as an 8-bit beat-em-up comes. You'll have your standard kicks and punches and jumps, combined with the ability to hit enemies with a wide assortment of different objects, like wheels and pipes. You can also stop at malls along your route to buy food and other items that will raise your many point values (Strength, Punch, Kick, Power, etc.) and possibly teach you some new fighting tricks.

RCR features a one-player mode, but it also includes a two-player mode, featuring simultaneous play, which (unfortunately) can often cause the game to slow its performance. Also featured in RCR is a rather odd password system. Each player will have their own seperate passcode. When using a password, you will always start at the beginning of the game with all your items and point values retained. Any password you obtain from a two-player game can be used on a one-player game, and any password you obtain from a one-player game can be used for a two-player game.