Star Voyager

Year: 1986
Developer: ASCII Corp.
Publisher: Acclaim
Players: 1

Star Voyager was one of Acclaim's earlier NES game efforts. Whether they or ASCII Corp. would have admitted it or not, Star Voyager was quite obviously influenced by a couple of past efforts, namely Atari 2600's Star Raiders as well as a particular smash-hit movie, Star Wars.

The game of Star Voyager places you in the cockpit of the RH 119, fully equipped with laser cannons, barrier shields, and Adam, a specialized computer system. You duty is to defend your mothership from the ruthless Molok Wardrivers, who are slowly planning an attack on your home base. Defending your ship requires of you a moderate amount of strategy. As you fly in and out of enemy territory to destroy their ships and bases, you also have to watch out for your fuel, life support system, and vulnerable ship parts. Luckily, though, you're not completely alone. Various space stations scattered amongst the galaxy can provide fuel and ship repair, while a few sympathizing inhabitants of the various planets can offer ship upgrades such as a hyperdrive engine or a super laser. Just watch out as you travel around the galaxy, or else you just might run into a dangerous asteroid belt or a fatal black hole.