Three Stooges

Year: 1989
Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: Activision
Players: 1 or 2

Mixed feelings are exchanged about the Three Stooges video game. Personally, I happen to enjoy this game, but that could just be because of my overall love for the Stooges. Funny situations were taken from a few different Stooges episodes and molded into their own mini-games that make up the full game, following along on its own plot.

Two big features stand out in this game, distinguishing it from many other released NES games. The first deals with the greatness with which Beam/Activision created the opening title, creating it to look almost exactly like an opening screen from a real Three Stooges episode. The second feature that stands out is the wide variety of digital voices that are available throughout, though they were done at a time when games' digital voices had yet to be perfected.