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Title Author Size
Shadow of the Ninja Yakuza 51KB
Snoopy Silly Sports Spectacular RoyalRanger 6KB
Solar Jetman EPoetker 10KB
Solstice JHarring 43KB
Spiritual Warfare AdamL 52KB
Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston AdamL 38KB
Star Tropics BoredGamer 134KB
Star Voyager RoyalRanger 13KB
Street Fighter 2010 Deathspork 52KB
Super C Raging DemonTEN 32KB
Super Mario Bros. Beautiful Affair 94KB
Super Mario Bros. M0rning Sta* 73KB
Super Mario Bros. D.Hawkins 151KB
Super Mario Bros. 2 RHarrison 72KB
Super Mario Bros. 2 Snow Dragon 52KB
Super Mario Bros. 3 EdTheMoogle 49KB
Super Mario Bros. 3 Snow Dragon 115KB
Super Mario Bros. 1-3 (Useless Game Genie Codes) EdTheMoogle 34KB

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