Muppets at the Carnival

Hall of Lame

How is it High Tech Expressions continually released such horrible games and how is it they didn't have sense enough to see how bad their games were, I'll never know. But this I do know: Muppet Adventures is one of the worst games you will ever find on the NES, no questions asked. It follows a simply unoriginal plot where you must save Miss Piggy from an evil carnival staffer. So you have to play four different carnival games, with four different muppets (one muppet per game, it's preset) to rescue the pig. But, gosh, control is such a bad factor in this game that it's not even funny... or so it is! Good luck trying to control your characters here. Just try to make your way out of the evil carnival. You probably wouldn't even be able to pay for carnival tickets, if that was an actual event.

Above Left: I apologize for the words getting cut off at the bottom. I don't know whether it was the emu that I was using to take the pics, or if it was the game itself. I tend to gravitate towards choice #2.