Week of Garfield, A

Hall of Lame

Before "Garfield: Caught in the Act" came out for the Sega Genesis, Garfield actually did star in his own video game. This game was created in Japan by the Towa Chiki Corp., but it never did make it to the US (probably because it was so bad). Being a Garfield fan myself, I just had to see what this game was like, but I was totally disgusted when I played it. The graphics are horrible and the music is very annoying. Plus, Garfield moves about as slow as a snail (Well, I guess it is pretty normal for that lazy feline). You have to collect these items that appear out of nowhere to keep your power and weaponry up, as you can easily die from a few touches of a spider. And since Garfield doesn't have the common temporary invinsibility after being hit, just getting near a bird while having high power can mean a bad fate for the cat. (And I thought Garfield was supposed to eat birds anyway.)

Above Left: Garfield looks like he just sang on the fence and got whacked with a few potted plants.
Above Right: Garfield collapses from getting stepped on by a mouse. So sad.