Where's Waldo

Hall of Lame

Here, we have another horrible game from the never-made-a-good-NES- game company, THQ. Basically, this a video game adaptation of the "Where's Waldo" comics, where you'd have to find the Waldo character amidst a huge crowd of people and objects. I don't know where they got the stupid idea to adapt that to a video game, but I guess anything was possible as far as THQ was concerned. So, of course, this just didn't come out any good at all. Waldo should be ashamed. Hey, what would you expect anyway?

Above Left: Waldo is so red, it almost looks like he's on fire.
Above Right: Forget where waldo is, you couldn't find a commercial jet in there. Not because it's crowded, but because you can hardly tell what anything is anyway.