Hall of Lame

Ugh... I don't even want to LOOK at this game again! What an absolute horrible display of bad control and design! It's almost unbelievable! It seems you start out on this enemy ship and have to clear it out before the ship self-destructs (or something like that). So all you do is run around while realizing that your gun can only shoot horizontally, making it near-impossible to kill certain enemies. I lost my interest in this game after the first two minutes I played it.

Above: In two-player mode, both players participate at the same time, one player at the top and one player at the bottom. But in one-player mode, I have to stare at the top half of the screen while the bottom half displays the name of the developer stupidly bouncing up and down. Maybe the developers thought the bouncing word would make the game more interesting. I think I'd rather stare at that than actually play this game.