Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Hall of Lame

I am almost ashamed to say that I actually bought this game thinking it would be any good, especially when already knowing the bad reputation of other Indiana Jones games. The truth is, this game never had anything going for it. The levels are boring, and the controls are bad, and the gameplay is horrendous. You start the game with only two hits from other enemies allowed before you die, and I can only figure out how to collect one more hit chance. And also, everytime you get hit, you lose a weapon of some sort. Well, okay, Super Mario Bros. had a similar system. But at least in Super Mario Bros., no enemies were unavoidable and most all enemies could be defeated even without a weapon. The same can't be said for Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Above Left: I challenge you to figure out what those two things are. I can't seem to do it.
Above Right: Luckily, Indy has his whip. Otherwise, you'd have to try to beat the enemy with your hard-to-use fists.