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EightBit Online

EightBit Online is a fairly new site, but the staff has been keeping it running quite well so far. I've found myself visiting this site quite frequently as of late.

Flying Omelette's Kitchen

Flying Omelette's site has been an inspiration of sorts. It is chock full of great content to browse through, covering not only NES games, but other games and systems as well. The message forums are a place to visit.


GameFAQs was the very first online community I ever took part in, as well as the first site to host my reviews, or anything I wrote then for that matter. It has some sentimental value that way. I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of it's online community and the majority of the reviews there now, but I still frequent there to check up on things or check on an gaming guide if I need some assistance.

Jaded Gamer, The

The webmaster of this site, Joey, has been a good friend of mine since the former days. His new site is aiming to cover whatever games or news it can throw at you, and I even volunteer as a staff writer there.

Loog's Lair

Loogaroo is another good friend of mine who's site seems to have been around since Fred Flintstone was roaming the earth. Okay, I may be exaggerating just a little, but the site has been around for a while, and Loogaroo is one of the best game reviewers I know.

Silius Networks

Silius Networks is run by a close relative. Namely, myself. It's an endeavor I undertook a few months back to host my site here, as well as friends' sites. Silius is also a personal site of my own that I wind up updating only once in a blue moon. Regardless, a few of the NES or similar sites you may run across might just be hosted by this network.

tsr's NES archive

tsr's site is one of the oldest NES sites around. It hasn't been updated in quite a long time, and I admittedly don't revere it to the high status many other people have, but I still do visit often for box or cartridge shots when I need 'em.

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