NES Awards

You may have seen small video game award programs on other sites, but this one worked a bit different from the norm. Instead of relying on merely the number of votes a game recieves per category, these NES Awards ran a totally different style of winner-choosing, relying on nominations and scores, with the help of members of the message forums, in an attempt to give lesser-known games just as much a chance as the popular games. Needless to say, the entire NES Awards content didn't quite work out as good as planned, but we've managed to push through, and we're finally able to list the winning games below for you!

Note: The games listed below do not necessarily reflect the views of the administrator or any specific forum member(s). It is all meant in good fun, and none of it should be taken too seriously.

Best Graphics
3rd: Widget
2nd: Kirby's Adventure
1st: Return of the Joker
Best Sound
3rd: Castlevania III
2nd: Mega Man 3
1st: Journey to Silius
Best Play Control
3rd: Mega Man 3
2nd: Super Mario Bros. 3
1st: Rescue Rangers
Best Level Design
3rd: G.I. Joe
2nd: Mega Man 2
1st: Super Mario Bros. 3
Best 2-Player Mode
3rd: Bomberman II
2nd: Bubble Bobble
1st: Nintendo World Cup Soccer
Best Challenge
3rd: Dragon Warrior 4
2nd: Batman
1st: Battle of Olympus
Most Overrated Game
3rd: Metal Gear
2nd: Ghosts 'N Goblins
1st: Battletoads
Most Underrated Game
3rd: Gold Metal Challenge
2nd: Destiny of an Emperor
1st: Adventures of Rad Gravity
Worst Overall Game
3rd: X-Men
2nd: Hydlide
1st: Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Best Overall Game
3rd: Super Mario Bros.
2nd: Mega Man 2
1st: Super Mario Bros. 3